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Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport

Master in Sustainable Peace
through Sport

Degree Programs

Acquire the specific skills to become "Engineers for Peace through Sport"

At a Glance:

  • Practical activities include guest seminars, conferences such as Peace and Sport Forum, supervised visits and hands-on field projects
  • Renowned lecturers with industry specific backgrounds
  • Close interaction with Peace and Sport, l'Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport, through the design and management of field projects (International Day of Sport)
  • Invaluable exposure to conflict resolution issues via online (or onsite) modules thanks to experienced lecturers affiliated to the UN-mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica

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Peace building, peace promotion and peace education are long term and multifaceted endeavors.

Building sustainable peace requires specific skills in diplomacy and conflict resolution, but it also implies implementing ambitious educational processes for future generations.

Promoting sustainable peace involves teaching, learning and transmitting a set of values that help transcend political, social, racial and religious differences that, today, are often at the origin of conflicts.

It is crucial in complex environments to keep a pragmatic approach and act at the heart of vulnerable communities where tensions are latent, peace is fragile and social cohesion is weak.

In order to be effective, international organizations, governments, and the world´s decision-makers need to develop innovative strategies and deploy means that are inspiring to tackle social issues whilst adequately meeting the needs of specific local environments.

Sport represents an appropriate response to these requirements as it is a universal language based on a unique set of rules. As such, sport can be used as a catalyst for dialogue, brotherhood and respect, and enables fostering peace at two levels:

  • An inter-state level through "sport diplomacy" and transborder reconciliation policies
  • An intra-state or community level, where sport creates bridges between people and groups

The Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport (MSPS) has been designed with the contribution of individuals and experts from the worlds of peace, sport and academia. This innovative program will lead to the genesis of a body of "Engineers of Peace through Sport" capable of making peace through sport become a reality.

The diagram below describes the vision shared by the three institutions that have conceived this program:

Sustainable peace through sport

Peace and Sport, L'Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport, is:

  • A neutral and apolitical organization
  • Acting in 5 continents through a cooperation platform
  • A partner with more than 50 institutions from the worlds of sport and peace
  • Reaching over 60,000 people since 2007
  • Supporting field programs in 8 countries

The University for Peace:

  • A United Nations-mandated graduate-level university
  • Counts 108 full-time faculty and staff members
  • Has campus in Costa Rica and offices and programs in New York, Geneva, Addis Abeba, Manila, Belgrade, Bogota and Montevideo
  • Has 30 years of existence
  • Regroups 20,000 alumni from programs worldwide


The Master of Arts in Sustainable Peace through Sport program is a multidisciplinary program which seeks to educate and train an elite group of "Engineers of Peace through Sport", able to harness the potential of sport as a strategic tool dedicated to building and promoting sustainable peace across the globe.

Designed for students and executives, this innovative Master program combines solid academic knowledge and practical skills, such as:

  • Developing and maintaining operational competencies in designing and implementing peace-building, peace promotion and peace education programs through sport
  • Understanding and leveraging diplomacy through sport
  • Teaching and promoting the values of sport as a tool for social cohesion and peace education
  • Advising decision makers and political leaders in creating concerted sports policies for sustainable peace
  • Benefiting from solid skills in the field in various environments such as post-conflict areas, areas of extreme poverty and regions suffering from a lack of social cohesion
  • Intervening in impoverished and vulnerable communities
  • Designing sport programs to address social issues involving international and national sport governing bodies
  • Activating international organizations, NGOs, civil society and local players
  • Creating cooperation between actors and promoting strategic partnerships
  • Designing, implementing, developing, and monitoring a program until it becomes self-sufficient
  • Fund-raising to promote initiatives
  • Empowering human capital and training field-workers and staff

Core and Specialization Courses

In a series of core courses you examine a broad variety of subjects that will allow you to :

1) understand the forces that influence the fast-evolving multibillion dollar sports industry,
2) develop concrete managerial skills and competencies, and
3) acquire sports-related skills necessary to take on various career opportunities in this industry.

Core courses focus on the theoretical and functional keystones of the sports industry, such as communication, operations, accounting and financial management, and the legal environment. As such, core courses include Fundamentals of Financial and Managerial Accounting, Public Relations, International Marketing, Organizational Psychology, Management and Leadership, and Project Management.

On successful completion of the core courses, you will choose specialized courses to further develop key topics, aspects, or functions of the sports industry. This allows you to relate certain theoretical aspects of the curriculum to real-world issues and better shape future career goals and directions.

Specialized courses include Peace and Conflict Studies:

The Foundation Course, Practices of Conflict Management and Peacebuilding, Peace Education Theory and Practice, Gender and Human Trafficking, International Organizations and NGOs, Sports Marketing, Sports International Governance and Organizations, Sport Project Management, Sports Olympism and Contemporary Issues, Principles of Sports Law, and Sports Events and Venue Management.

Some of the Core Courses offered in the Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

  • Foundation Course in Peace and Conflict Studies

    This MSc in Sustainable Peace through Sport course provides an overview of the diverse perspectives in the field of environmental security and peace, and introduces students to the variety of natural and human-induced environmental changes currently affecting humanity. This graduate course will also prepare students for more intensive explorations of aspects of environmental security in other courses in this program.

  • Peace and Sport: an introduction

    This master course critically examines the potential role and use of sport as a local and global tool for conflict prevention, social transformation, community development and peace building. With a strong developmental and cross-cultural emphasis, this MSc course aims at promoting an educational process which will generate greater awareness and understanding of the opportunities and complexities of using sport as a vehicle for such developmental and peace building efforts.

  • Peace Education, Theory and Practice

    This master course takes a participatory and very practical, “hands on” approach to Peace Education at work in formal, nonformal and informal settings. Building upon the theoretical background developed in previous courses, and the critical analysis of educational techniques, resources and materials to be addressed along the course, you will be guided into a process of learning-by-doing peace building projects.

  • Sports Contemporary Issues, Sustainability & Ethics

    This graduate course introduces you to various topics including the role of state in sport, the rise of the sport betting industry, the evolution of sports law and the use of drugs.

  • Sports Event and Facility Management

    This master course is structured in two modules. Event management encompasses the organizational and strategic planning of special events, HR management, event administration, advertising and event logistics. Facility management involves legal and administrative planning, risk management, compulsory competitive tendering, marketing and financial planning. In addition, this graduate course overviews specific management issues in relation to seasonal sports such as winter sports and water sports.

  • Practices of Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

    This MSc in Sustainable Peace through Sport course is an introductory skill-building course in negotiation, conflict management and resolution. You learn to improve your own negotiation skills, helping you to act consciously and skillfully in tough situations.

Professional Immersion (Internship, Thesis or Applied Project)

At the end of the academic year, you will have the opportunity to engage in a six-month internship and get professionally immersed into local, non-governmental, governmental, or international private organizations.

This work experience can serve as a spring board for accessing attractive job opportunities.

Peace and Sport, UPEACE, IUM and the INSEEC Group have separately developed extended networks that together represent for you invaluable resources for both personal development and career advancement. Alternatively, you may complete a research thesis (on a subject that matches your career interests or one of the program partners) during which you work under the guidance of an academic advisor. An applied project allows you to address a specific question, assignment, or project for which an organization needs specific answers.

In addition, throughout the academic year, you work in partnership with the Career Services Office as part of IUM's commitment to helping each student realize his/her career potential. These activities include training for résumé enhancement, marketing techniques, mock interviews, or personal assessment. Career events and services include in particular the Career Days and the preparation and publication of CV books for hundreds of recruiting firms and partners.


Mrs. Dina Rodriguez is the former Associate Vice Rector and Head of Department of Distance Education at the United Nations-mandated University for Peace, whose main campus is located in San Jose (Costa Rica). In her role, Mrs. Rodriguez could coordinate all aspects of curriculum, course content, credits and calendar relating to the MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport.

She closely worked with professors and moderators to design courses and permanently discussed with each student when they were at UPEACE campus and kept control of their academic and logistical issues. Lastly, Mrs. Rodriguez explained that when coming to UPEACE, students should be aware they will be meeting an interesting group of students and professors coming from more than 50 nationalities. The learning experience is unique and very rich.

Career Development

Career Services

As part of your MA in Peace through Sport program, you will follow a Career Development Seminar, divided in 3 sequences, to support you in your internship and job search strategies.

MSc in Sport Business Management

Mr. Cedric Le Nest, Director of Sport Business Talent, an International Executive Search firm specialized in Sport Business is the dedicated Coach to the MSc Students in Sport Business Management. He is an experienced headhunter and recruitment consultant specialized in the Sports Industry. Through guest lectures or career seminars, Mr. Le Nest helps students understand how the industry is structured, what the opportunities and challenges are and how to best market themselves to create and cease job opportunities.

Career Opportunities

As such, graduates will consider some of the opportunities below:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Communication, Sponsorship, Broadcasting, Sports TV Rights
  • E-marketing, Management of Information Systems
  • Management of Event and Sports Facilities
  • Management of Small & Non-for-profit Organizations, Clubs, and Sports Associations
  • Sport Agent, Financial Advisory
  • Human Resource Management, Talent Development and Coaching.

Our alumni are (or have been) working in international companies in the world such as:

Be Fit Monaco, Peace and Sport, Colombianitos, Swiss Federation of Triathlon, IAAF, WM GmbH, Arsenal FC, Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo Country Club, Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Laureus World Sports Award, Herculis Monaco Samsung Diamond League, World At Play, Adidas AG, Octagon, 92nd Street Y, Pantaenius Assurance Yachts, Monaco Mediax Sportel, Nascar Sport Medecine Research, Chabibeh Sporting Club, M&A Autosport, HAWI Sports Management LLC, Benha University (Faculty of Physical Education), Doc Wayne Youth Services , Inc, SlumSoccer, Transcend Media Group, to name a few.

Alumni Testimonials

Lin Cherurbai Sambili Lin Cherurbai Sambili, MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport, 2013
Account Executive- Kenya Power Charity Cup, Transcend Media Group

Deciding to attend the International University of Monaco (IUM) for my Masters Degree in Sustainable Peace through Sport was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Being the first of its kind, the programme offered a wide array of fundamental courses that broadened my knowledge and understanding of the unique role sports plays towards the development and continuity of peace.

Moreover, the multicultural setting of the programme ensured that students from all around the world interacted and shared their various perspectives on peace through sport. I gained lifelong friends and contacts from my time at IUM and know that it was a great investment both for my professional and personal life.

Tony Gatheca Tony Gatheca, CEO of Transcend Media Group

Tony Gatheca, CEO of Transcend Media Group, a full service integrated communications agency based in Nairobi (Kenya), seeks intelligent, passionate team players who can work with minimal supervision to impact the organizational output.

Mr Gatheca found these qualities in Ms. Lin Sambili (MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport) who was project Manager for the Charity Cup and over the six months period she worked with the firm, she steered the project to its successful conclusion by coordinating all elements and partners that were required.

Tsegezeab Kiros Hagos Tsegezeab Kiros Hagos MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport, 2013
Former Eritrean athlete and member of the Executive Committee for both Eritrean and Eastern African athletics region

Doing the MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport has helped me a lot because working in a sport business means maximizing profit and also enhancing the performance of your clients (athletes). I have used my knowledge in international marketing, financial and managerial accounting, corporate social responsibility, PR, sport legal environment and of course sport event planning.

The Team building sessions were also very useful to me since I had to deal with groups and individuals with conflict of interests. You need to know what conflict is and how you can settle it.

I think all these ingredients I have taken from the International University of Monaco and UPEACE were highly valuable for my internship with HAWI Sports Management LLC company.

Merhawi Keflezighi Merhawi Keflezighi, Founder of HAWI Sports Management LLC

Mr. Merhawi Keflezighi, Founder of HAWI Sports Management LLC, helps athletes' dreams come true (especially long distance runners). Mr. Keflezighi indicates that he seeks recruits and interns that enjoy qualities such as hardworking, organized, inquisitive and team worker.

Mr. Keflezighi was pleased to find these qualities in Mr. Tsegezeab Hagos (MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport) who helped the firm develop its services in Eritrea.