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International University of Monaco

MSc in Luxury Goods & Services

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Acquire the specific skills in Goods and Services to succeed in the Luxury Industry

At a Glance:

  • A very diverse student body in term of backgrounds and interests;
  • Exploring the product mix strategy according to current trends and customer needs;
  • Integrating project-based and practical learning to develop business models and acquire entrepreneurial skills.
The track in Luxury Goods & Services is ideal for students interested in acquiring a managerial expertise in the general luxury business or entrepreneurial expertise within the Luxury industry.

The program is built to develop hard skills but also the soft skills necessary to enter the luxury business.

The global luxury industry has never been so diverse. Today's luxury professionals must possess the capacity to evolve; they require an international outlook and an acute knowledge of this complex and discerning marketplace.

The Luxury Goods & Services track merges strategic thinking with corporate creativity, and integrates rigor and intellectual scope, vital to successfully understanding the high-end market. It focuses on how the luxury industry interacts with the economic, cultural and technological environments of the twenty-first century, the characteristics of today's luxury consumer and the resonances generated by high-end goods and services.

Exploring the current and on-going challenges facing the wider luxury sphere, the Luxury Goods and Services track seeks to produce imaginative practitioners able to apply their business knowledge and creativity across specific industries.

Master Luxury Goods & Services

A word from a professional

Fabricio SongaFabrizio Songa, Managing Parter at Kvalue- Management consulting firm Visiting Professor for Managerial expertise and Team building class

I've been leading key projects in Talent management and Leadership development for Giorgio Armani, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Bottega Veneta among others.

This is my 4th year here at IUM and I am always surprised by the great talents I've got in class, helping them to create a teaming setting, sharing their insights in a multicultural environment and let them start practicing the required leadership skills to effectively help them express their full potential in the real workplace. I challenge them to work as in a real business leadership workshop. They appreciate this learning approach, enhancing the full value of their diversity and their potential.

The students of this course appreciate mostly the interactivity, the good balance between theory and practice and they find the management tools provided easy to apply, even in their private life. Some of the students thank me because they say the course was also useful for their job interviews.


The Master of Science in Luxury Management (Goods and Services) is a program based on an industry-specific perspective designed to give future graduates a leading edge in this highly competitive field.

This MSc's degree program is an intense full immersion into general luxury business management subjects enabling students to face and solve different issues of strategic planning and luxury portfolio management. It introduces the MSc students to the operational, financial, marketing, and product issues that impact strategic and business decisions, while providing a focused insight into the wider traits of the industry.

The program provides all the theories and practical knowledge necessary to develop the skills that can lead to careers in:
- Product and Brand Management,
- Communication,
- E-commerce and Luxury Distribution,
- Entrepreneurship

What will you GET OUT of your MSc in Luxury Management (Goods and Services)?

Upon successful completion of the program in Luxury, participants will be able to:
  • Manage concepts, tools and frameworks necessary to recognize, analyze, and manage the business variables and issues specific to the luxury industry;
  • Evaluate the interrelationship between branding strategies and corporate, business strategies;
  • Understand the mechanism by which companies are developing new creative solutions and innovation processes to differentiate themselves;
  • Demonstrate a culture of appreciation for the quality of service, the immaterial, emotional and sensorial dimension of luxury.
Master Luxury Goods & Services

Some of the Core Courses offered in the MSc in Luxury Management, Specialization Good and Services

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

  • Luxury Industry and competitive analysis

    We provide students with the opportunity to critically review microeconomic and macroeconomic theories, conceptual frameworks and other models in order to understand the dynamics of a given industry and to conduct in-depth analysis within the Luxury Goods industry. All this culminates in the preparation of an Industry Analysis Report in which the students should demonstrate the knowledge acquired throughout this course.

  • Marketing of Luxury Goods & Services

    This course provides an overview of the entire luxury marketing management process in a global context. It explores the role marketing plays within luxury companies and focuses on the development and analysis of consistent marketing strategies. It describes how consumers are the focus of all marketing actions and how environmental changes influence marketing strategy development and implementation.

  • Luxury Communications and Media Planning

    This course introduces students to the ways in which marketing communications are used within the global brand marketing strategy, with a specific focus on the luxury industry. It examines ways in which communication strategies establish a dialogue between providers of a luxury product and their respective publics or markets.

  • Organizational Behavior in the Luxury Industry

    This course focuses on organizational behavior and systems, and human resource management for the luxury industry. It concentrates on the variables that affect behavior at the individual level and then goes on to a thorough examination of the foundations of group dynamics.

  • Audit of Luxury Services

    This course will develop a framework for understanding the essential elements needed to audit “the service” that is provided in luxury companies. It emphasizes learning more about customers' needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger and more efficient relationships with them. The final session examines how to effectively present and communicate the audits to a luxury company, which will then be presented publicly, in a professional, quantitative and qualitative manner.

  • CRM & Client Database Management

    The course approaches its subject matter from a relational viewpoint. That is, it emphasizes learning more about customers needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them, through technology and by integrating information about consumers, sales, marketing, responsiveness, and luxury market trends. Topics include CRM and the sales force, and the use of CRM software to manage a sales force; lead and contact management tracking; forecasting sales leads and the importance of conversion rates; customer interaction and the Web; and call centers and help desk management.

    Students will learn how to use CRM technology to gain insight into customers and understand the critical value customers possess. On completing the course, they will understand the importance of using CRM software to create, track, and manage partnerships, contracts, and agreements; and in distribution management.

Professional Immersion (Internship or Thesis)

The Specialization in Luxury Goods and Services ensures that curriculum matches the luxury business standards by working with luxury industry players.

The interaction with luxury companies happens through several possible activities:

  • Attending professional guest lecturers and series of CEO conferences on campus (Chloé, Bulgari Hotel, Galeries Lafayettes, Façonnable, JWT, Parmigiani, Mauboussin, Gucci, Fraser Yachts, Wally, YSL, Safilo, Richemont, Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Cartier, Orient-Express…)
  • Attending the most important luxury-related events (Car show in Geneva, Monaco Yacht Show and Luxe Pack in Monaco, TFWA in Cannes, Fiera del Mobile in Milan, International Jewelry Show in Valenza, Luxury Briefing conference in London…)
  • Participating in field trips to reinforce understanding of professional expectations. Students visit major firms or industrial plants in European capitals (L'Oréal, Hotel de Crillion Paris, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Silversea Luxury Cruiseline, Bulgari, Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna, Azimut Benetti Group, Fendi, Bulgari Hotel, Safilo, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Stefano Ricci,...), having the chance to go straight to the main source of the information.
  • Taking part in employer branding presentations, inviting HR managers interested in communicating on the company's values and business results, and in recruiting our students.

Career Development

Career Services

The students in the MSc in Luxury Management have to follow a Career Development Seminar, which is divided in 3 main sequences, and thus supporting the Msc students in their internship or job search strategies.

  • In Fall
    “ Discovering” job markets, companies and career paths in the Luxury sector – Senior executives and HR managers in the luxury hospitality , the luxury fashion industry and other sectors (yachting , wines and spirits …) share their career paths and professional experience with students
  • In Winter
    “Targeting the institutions”: Building a specific targeting plan to approach selected luxury Retail Brands
  • In Spring
    “Making Connections”: Networking strategies, company projects, personal branding strategies and tools.

Career Opportunities

Some of the companies where IUM Luxury Alumni have interned or are still working: Balenciaga, Celine, Chanel, Harry Winston, Mont Blanc, Galeries Lafayettes, Printemps, Paco Rabanne, Hugo Boss, Patek Philippe, Ralph Lauren, Vacheron Constantin, Burberry, Faberge, Fendi, Richemont, La Bottega dei Ciliegi, Chalhoub Group, Emilio Pucci, L'Oreal, Quintessentially, Tiffany, Salvatore Ferragamo, Swatch Group, Tourbillion, Campari, Pernod Ricard, Ogilvy Public Relations, Fraser Yachts, Armani, LVMH Fragrances, Carolina Herrera, Karla Otto, Azzaro, Swarovski, BMW.

Master Luxury Goods & Services

Alumni Testimonials

Anouk LacroixAnouk Lacroix, French, MSc in Luxury Management (Goods and Services Class of 2009) - Sales Coordinator at Harry Winston

The MLUX program gave me a 360° perspective on the Luxury Industry, I enjoyed having classes that balanced theoretical and practical work. The program teaches us teamwork and prepares us for what our professional life will be.

The school environment, the international student body and faculty, make it an even richer learning experience.

Matteo Salvaggio Matteo Salvaggio, Italian, MSc in Luxury Management (Goods and Services Class of 2010) - WW Junior Buyer for Licensees stores in Middle East and Europe, Polo Ralph Lauren, Milan

IUM is not just a university. It's a multicultural lifestyle environment of professional colleagues and lifelong friends that just completely changes your life.

It changes you personally and professionally, introducing you to the luxury world.

Master Luxury Goods & Services Aliza Sharfe, Canadian, Master in Luxury Management (Goods and Services Class of 2009) - Customer Experience Specialist at Chanel, USA

The MLUX program at IUM offered me an exceptional educational experience. The small class size, international student body, and location in Monaco provided an ideal environment for graduate studies in the business of luxury.

The program balanced academic content with practical experience; through my internship placement, I later secured full-time employment in my area of interest.