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International University of Monaco

MSc in Finance

Private Banking &
International Wealth Management

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Acquire the specific skills in Private Banking & Wealth Management to succeed in the Finance Industry

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At a Glance:

at a glance IUM
  • Practical activities include guest seminars, financial conferences, supervised visits and hands-on field projects
  • Renowned lecturers with industry specific backgrounds
  • Real life applications expose students to the challenges and best practices of asset managers and private bankers
  • Intense, collaborative environment that fosters very operational individuals
MSc private banking wealth management

Meet the investment and management needs of high-net-worth individuals

IUM has a long tradition of developing multicultural views on business dynamics. The Private Banking & Wealth Management specialization of the MSc in Finance Program exposes you to a cross cultural vision of wealth management needs and solutions, preparing you for international careers. This Master's degree, based in one of the most active hubs for private banking & wealth management services, offers unparalleled networking and career opportunities in Monaco.

International and local private banks are fully integrated in the courses conception to ensure that the curriculum meets the most current standards and expectations of the financial industry. This program in Finance integrates project-based and practical learning, including guest seminars, financial conferences, supervised visits and hands-on field projects.

A word from a professional

Thierry Crovetto Thierry Crovetto, Professor of Wealth Management and Head of Investment Strategy, Groupe Amilton

The Wealth Management industry is facing a lot of pressure worldwide as a consequence of the global financial crisis. Not only clients' behavior has changed, but also the regulatory framework has become increasingly challenging. As a result a demand for young professionals, with both a strong technical background and a better understanding of clients' needs, is rising fast.

The International University of Monaco has been a first mover in offering a Master in Finance with a focus on this peculiar segment of the financial industry. The MSc in Finance (Private Banking and International Wealth Management) provides students with a deep insight into the latest trends of this business. In addition, several conferences and guest seminars are organized in order to help students build their own network and think about their future careers plans.

My course in Wealth Management particularly focuses on the most relevant aspects of the industry. I put a special emphasis on the financial products and strategies I use every day at work. As a professional, I try to give my student a concrete feel of what they are likely to face once employed. I strongly believe this brings an added value to their learning experience.


This MSc in Finance has been created in order to fulfill the specific needs of the finance industry.

Building a career in finance is an exciting journey that is pursued by some of the best educated individuals. It requires passion, commitment, strong technical and analytical skills but also the ability to work efficiently in teams and to develop innovative solutions.

Through IUM’s Master of Science in Finance program you can develop those qualities and tailor your experience to match your specific career objectives. Our MSc in Finance program exposes you to the reality of financial markets and the best practices of financial institutions.

The Finance program allows you to acquire the necessary technical fundamentals, to work on concrete cases, to use financial softwares (Reuters, Bloomberg) and to interact with industry specialists. Furthermore, you can deepen your knowledge of specific strategies and financial instruments through a wide range of elective courses (Financial Programming in VBA, Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Finance, etc.).

Our ultimate objective is to provide you with an education, rooted in technical and interpersonal skills, and integrity to meet the industry’s high expectations and develop a successful career in Finance.

Finance (Private Banking & Wealth Management)

Some of the Core Courses offered in the MSc in Finance Program

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

  • Stock and Bond Valuation

    This MSc in Finance course focuses on the most basic financial products: stocks and bonds.

    You acquire a working knowledge of stock and bonds: the characteristics of the instruments and their markets, the factors affecting the way in which they trade and their uses by different players in the global financial markets. An important part of the course is the mathematics of stocks and bonds, and the implementation of practical tools to compute returns and yields, assess risk, and determine fundamental values.

    Main topics for stocks are: equity valuation models (dividend discount and free cash flow models, P/E ratio valuation), risk and risk measurement, macroeconomic and industry analysis.

    For bonds: bond prices and yields, the term structure of interest rates, interest rate risk and bond duration and convexity.

  • Risk Management

    This master course focuses on the measurement and management of different types of financial risk such as market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk, and develops a framework for integrated risk management.

    This finance course emphasizes the Value-at-Risk (VaR) technique and its applications. You learn and implement quantitative techniques for risk management via Excel spreadsheets and derivatives software.

  • Derivative Products and Strategies

    This master's degree course focuses on "plain vanilla" financial derivatives such as options, futures, and swaps, the markets in which they trade and some of the strategies that can be constructed using these derivative instruments.

    Forwards and futures on commodities, stock index futures, stock options, interest rate swaps and credit default are studied in some detail. You will learn the characteristics and specifications of these derivative products, will study their uses for hedging, arbitrage and speculation, various long-short strategies, and will develop an intuition about the factors that affect the way in which they trade.

  • Hedge Fund Strategies

    This Master of Science in Finance course explore trading techniques traditionally used by hedge funds. These include long-short equity investing, long-short equity investing, volatility trading, correlation and dispersion trading, and various arbitrage techniques (capital structure arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, merger arbitrage). The lectures will be interactive as much as possible, with great emphasis on practical trading projects.

    Besides practicing hedge fund trading strategies, this graduate course will increase your awareness and understanding of the main asset classes.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    This MSc in Finance course covers the different phases of an acquisition process: screening of targets, valuation, bid tactics (and defense tactics), financing, negotiation, communications, and integration.

    A particular emphasis is given to the valuation process and the quantitative tools used by practitioners (such as the cash flow models) in order to value a company.

  • Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Finance

    This master degree course is designed to familiarize you with the issues and practices surrounding venture capital.

    It covers everything from the seed funding of a start-up venture to the successful sale of a mature business. The main focus of the course is on raising venture capital. This involves learning about the dimensions of risks and expected returns, in a context, which is characterized by incomplete information and lack of liquidity while gaining practical insights into the interaction and relationship between the investor and management. What are their respective interests and strategies? How do they come to a deal? What is the process? How do they create value?

    This finance course integrates various managerial disciplines and covers the venture capital environment, financial modeling, business plan analysis, investment criteria, delivering pitches and teasers, understanding and negotiating terms and conditions, preparing for due diligence and closing.


The London track allows students to be exposed to the largest financial center of the world and to fine tune their career objectives. They benefit from dedicated elective courses taught by finance professionals with extensive track records in the industry. Specific career development seminars with recruiters and major industry players are also included to provide the perfect London networking experience.

This 3-week track takes place on our London Campus near Green Park and includes the following courses:

  • Corporate Restructuring:
  • Institutional Financial Sales
  • Applied International Taxation
London Track IUM

Professional Immersion (Internship, Thesis or Applied Project)

At the end of the academic year, the applied research project or the internship gives you the opportunity to apply the theory gained in the MSc in Finance program and to further develop your interests and competencies in a chosen field of specialization.

In your internship search, you are supported by all IUM faculty members and by the IUM Career Office, providing you with information and guidance on the finance job market place, helping you throughout the year to carefully prepare your applications for these competitive markets.


The International University of Monaco has been chosen by the AMAF (Monaco's Finance Association) to develop Monaco's certification for finance professionals.

This certification insures that finance professionals have the technical and deontological standards required by the Principality's finance industry. While studying for your Master of Science in Finance Program, you also have the opportunity to get trained on all aspects of the certification, giving you an additional asset for Monaco's job market.

Marco Casella Marco Casella, Managing Partner, International Financial Advisor GC Group Capital, LL C

I like IUM for its international student base and its practical approach. I enjoy sharing my professional experience with the students of the MSc in Finance program, getting their feedback and points of view.

I have been having an open dialogue with students helping them find professional opportunities based on their passions and skills. I particularly enjoy this open dialogue.

Career Development

Career Services

As part of your MSc in Finance program, you will follow a Career Development Seminar, divided in 3 sequences, to support you in your internship and job search strategies.

  • In Fall
    “Discovering” job markets, companies and career paths
  • In Winter
    “Targeting the institutions”
  • In Spring
    “Making Connections”
Master in Finance – Private Bank & Wealth Management

Career Opportunities

IUM MSc in Finance alumni are now working in famous Private Banks,

wealth management boutiques and family offices, financial advisory companies, asset management / investment firms.

The broad range of skills they acquired during this intensive and practical Master of Science program enabled them to apply for positions as:
- Junior Private Banker
- Real Estate investment manager
- Funds/porfolio manager
- Financial advisor
- Tax planning officer

Some of the companies where Alumni have interned or are still working are:
- American Express Bank Paris
- Bank Julius Baer Switzerland
- Bank J.Safra Monaco
- Banque Populaire du Luxembourg
- Barclays Wealth Geneva
- Ing Bank Amsterdam
- Merrill Lynch Monaco
- BNP Paribas Private Bank
- SocGen Private Banking Monaco
- Credit Foncier Monaco
- PriceWaterhouse coopers Brussels

Alumni Testimonials

Roberta Aldeghi Roberta Aldeghi, MSc in Finance (Private Banking and Wealth Management 2013)
Assistant Private banker at G&G

After three years at Bocconi university in Milan, I decided to enroll into the IUM Master of Science in Finance in order to specialize in Private Banking. The different environment and teaching method where challenging at first, but also very rewarding.

I believe this MSc in Finance program is the optimal mix of theory and practice you need before starting your career.

Additionally, IUM gives the students multiple opportunities to get in contact with local and foreign professionals and build their own network. In my case, thanks to my Wealth Management professor, Mr. Thierry Crovetto, I was able to find an internship at a local asset management company, where I am still working today.

Talal Bessa Talal Bessa, MSc in Finance (Private Banking and Wealth Management 2010)
Junior Private Banker, Bank J. Safra

When we enroll, we all know that we'll end up in a group of students with diverse educational and business backgrounds, but the richness of cultures, nationalities, and personal wealth in any given class is truly unique. In 2010, the five continents were represented in our class, students were coming from Colombia, Nigeria, China, the UK, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Canada, the USA to name a few countries. We exchanged on our experiences and future strategies, our respective political and cultural background, and received valuable insight on one another's field of expertise.

Some people consider the small size of a university a handicap, I consider it a gift. When we study a technical field like finance, we sometimes need personal assistance and that is not possible in a class of 150 students. This Master of Finance at IUM is very challenging; so having highly knowledgeable professionals at our disposal was a gift.