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International University of Monaco

MSc in Digital Marketing

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Acquire the specific skills to succeed in the Digital Marketing Industry

At a Glance:

  • Understand the mechanisms that link the latest digital marketing tools and be able to build innovative and customer-oriented marketing strategies.
  • Be able to manage a web marketing project (scrum, scope of work, KPIs, wireframe)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the evolution of of Web 2.0 and the surrounding legal framework.
  • A strong interaction between students and practitioners thanks to partnerships with Web 2.0 companies

Join the high growth market of the Web 2.0

The MSc in Marketing program specialized in Digital Marketing is designed specifically to produce graduates with advanced but tailor-made knowledge in digital marketing tools. This MSc program is suitable for anyone. It does not require previous studies in marketing nor professional experience in the field of marketing or social/digital media.

This program will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of both the traditional theories in marketing strategy as well as their application in the contemporary digital environment. The MSc in Digital Marketing prepares you for top-level and new marketing positions such as social media manager, online brand or marketing manager, E-commerce manager.

A word from a professional : “Retail is the School of Fashion Industry.”

Veronica Sartori Nicolas Teboul,
CEO, Azur Mobil

Mobile technologies have changed the way we interact with people and brands. New behaviors appear every day and create opportunities for marketers to position their brands. In order to meet these new challenges, and to exploit these new opportunities, industries require graduates who have a specialized training in digital marketing and communication tools.

To enable you to face--and always be a step ahead in--this ever changing industry, to help you reach decision-making position within the digital industry, I give you the following tools:

  • I train you on how to analyze the mobile market puzzle and anticipate strategic moves.
  • I teach you and make you apply marketing concepts to the mobile world, and create a mobile marketing campaign.
  • Finally, you take part in presentations and conferences given by professionals, and you get to meet our guest speakers, who all possess very specific skills and positions.

This approach enables you to gain a well rounded knowledge of the market, preparing you for whatever you will have to face in your future.


With a strong practical learning approach, the MSc in Digital Marketing has been designed to fulfill the needs of the high growth market of the Web 2.0.

This program, entirely taught in English, will bring you more than the knowledge required to perform well in this industry.

This Master of Science will guide you to acquire the specific mindset to adapt in this daily evolving environment. The theoretical basis taught by highly qualified faculty will be supplemented by practical learning through fieldtrips, lectures, internships and individual projects thanks to several partnerships with renowned companies.

MSc in Marketing specialized in Digital Marketing

Some of the Core Courses offered in the MSc in Marketing specialized in Digital Marketing

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

This Digital Marketing master's degree will introduce you to the latest developments in digital and data based marketing being well grounded in current research and professional advances in these areas with courses as Web Marketing and Web Project Management, Social Media Marketing, or Mobile Marketing Strategy. It is particularly innovative and relevant to the ongoing changes in ICT and Internet platform developments.

  • Web Marketing and Web Project Management

    This MSc course aims to present online media planning and key concepts of online communication, to appreciate how the use of different online communication channels can be optimize in the business environment. Advertising, affiliation programs, email marketing, online PR, multichannel marketing will be studied and each group will have to build a strategic media plan in accordance with their project.

    Case studies will complete this course in order for student to analyze effective campaigns.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    You will be introduced to the key concept of tracking and analytics and how you can build knowledge of online customer behavior and campaign effectiveness, in order for you to monitor, analyze and interpret web channel data and make right decision in your marketing operations. Studying history and features of search engines will help understand how SEM is #1 priority in web marketing. You will be driven into Search Engine Optimization key concepts and technics, as website and semantic optimization, and will have to apply them to your project in order to drive traffic and track visitors behavior. Search Engine Advertising course will let you discover Google Adwords and how to optimize paid-traffic campaigns.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media changed the way customers interact with brands and companies. As it works best when integrated with other components of a company's marketing, you will be taught how to use it to drive potential customers to company's website, but also in conjunction with traditional advertising medium. This social media marketing course will help you not only to implement social media into your marketing plan but also to understand social media prospective and evolution. A part of this course will be dedicated to recruitment and e-reputation.

  • Mobile Marketing Strategy

    The objective of the mobile marketing strategy course is to provide you with tools and methods that will help future decision-makers with their strategic choices concerning mobile marketing. You will be able to analyze situations and offer tailor-made solutions to your future clients or inside your own company. The first part will be descriptive: we will analyze the mobile market and its specific aspects such as suppliers, clients and their evolution over the past four years.

    The second part will be a team effort. In small groups, we will analyze real situations and offer relevant value propositions. The last part will focus on applied project methodology by creating mobile solutions such as small applications and webapps, QR codes, and NFC which could revolutionize the mobile market in the coming years.

  • Web Strategy & Business Models

    Most of what is known in traditional economy has been widely questioned, or even completely destroyed, by internet. The disintermediation of value chains, the acceleration of commercial exchanges, the importance of brand sociology, flash sales methods, the transformation of products into services, the permeability of borders, the abundance and volatility of offers... All these phenomenas make digital markets hardly accessible to those who still use 20th century management tools. In this MSc in Digital Marketing course, we will explore first the main principles distinguishing digital from traditional economy. We will work then on the importance of two-sided or multisided markets, and in particular the economy of gratuity. We will then move forward with the extension of models of monetization enabled by the web today.

    Finally, we will try to suggest a new approach on a digital company's creation of value and added value for its clients, insisting on the notion of ecosystems and "closed gardens". For each key point we will use a recent case study, allowing you to understand the underlying mechanisms and the practical impacts (for ex. Why Diablo III is in competition with iTunes? Why la FNAC is not one of Amazon's competitor?).

  • WebDesign & Ergonomics

    In this master course, you will learn how to minimize user frustrations while using a product or software and why it's mandatory for websites and products to implement a user-centered design approach. Several techniques for rapidly prototyping and evaluating multiple interface alternatives will be taught -- and why rapid prototyping and comparative evaluations are essential to excellent interaction design. You will learn by concrete examples how to conduct field studies with real end-users that will help you get design ideas. Making paper prototypes and low-fidelity mock-ups that are interactive will enable you to use these designs to get feedback from all project stakeholders such as your teammates, clients, and users.

    You will learn principles of visual design to effectively organize and present information with your interfaces. You will learn principles of perception and cognition that inform effective interaction design. In many cases, we will use Web design as the anchoring domain and many examples will come from the Web.

Professional Immersion (Internship, Thesis or Applied Project)

At the end of the academic year, the applied research project or the internship offer you the opportunity to apply the theory gained in the courses and to further develop your interests and competencies in a chosen field of specialization.

In your internship search, students are supported by all IUM faculty members and by the IUM Career Office that provide you with information and guidance on the marketing job market places and help you throughout the year to carefully prepare your applications in these competitive markets.

Anchored in the IUM teaching philosophy, most of the Digital Marketing courses combine the rigorous theoretical approach of IUM professors with the concrete views of marketing professionals.

Throughout the year, marketing experts come at IUM to share their view on digital markets trends, forecasts or on the innovation:
Digital Marketing IUM

Frank Ferront

Franck Ferront is a project director at Ausy. He has a Bachelor in computer science and a Master of Science in ergonomics. He worked as a usability specialist for 12 years, starting by doing research on interfaces of web application. He continued designing websites for a broader audience. In 2007, he joined Sophia Antipolis community as User Researcher and User Experience Specialist. He recently moves on mobile and tablet user interface design, leading a group of usability experts. Active member of the usability groups, Franck created a professional association named Les Ergonautes. He also chair a Usability course in Nice LP iMash.

Sophie Gironi

Strategy & Web Marketing Consultant, Sophie Gironi started her own business in 2009, after a 10-year experience in startups, high tech and communication companies. Since then, she helps medium and large companies in building strong online strategies and achieving their goals through web marketing campaigns. Teaching webmarketing at Nice University since 2007, she's also a Social Media and Web Marketing Speaker. Co-founder of RivieraCube, an association dedicated to innovation and digital business, she organizes several professional events in Southern France.

Phillipe Méda

Senior Consultant and CEO at MERKAPT, a consulting and training agency, Philippe helps startups and blue chips company to deploy and implement innovative technologies as fast-growing businesses. He holds a Ph.D in Biotechnology and an MBA.

Nicolas Teboul

Nicolas first graduated as an engineer in embedded systems from Polytech'Nice-Sophia Antipolis and immediately worked at IBM on real-time location systems. After a successful experience in a technical environment, he decided to switch to a more marketing job position at Red Bull which was penetrating the French market at that time. In this new position, Nicolas was in charge of marketing operations and networking. These experiences, in addition to an entrepreneurial spirit, led him to integrate an MBA program in San Francisco. Coming back from United-States full of entrepreneurial energy, he launched the startup Azur Mobile. Azur Mobile is a company specialized in building custom mobile app solutions for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, Android Tablets, Windows 7 and Kindle Fire.

Career Services

Career Development Seminar

As part of your MSc in Marketing program, you will follow a Career Development Seminar, divided in 3 sequences, to support you in your internship and job search strategies.

  • In Fall
    “ Discovering” job markets, companies and career paths
  • In Winter
    “Targeting the institutions”
  • In Spring
    “Making Connections”
Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

You will thus be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities, aimed at both general and niche positions such as:

  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Webmaster
  • Web Designer
  • Online Marketing Director
  • Online Promotions Manager
  • Online/Interactive Media Buyer
  • Online/Interactive Media Planner
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • SEO Specialist
  • E-commerce Project Manager
Our alumni are (or have been) working in international companies in the world such as Ogilvy & Mather UK, L'Oreal US, SelectNY Paris, Proxicom, Sisley, Jimmy Choo

Alumni Testimonials

Eveline Setiawan Eveline Setiawan, Indonesian, current MSc in International Marketing student

Digital Marketing is a very interesting field of work because of its rapidly evolving knowledge. The courses delivered at IU M are practical to apply and keep following the latest trend that occurs in the market. And the most important thing is the lecturers are practitioners in their field, they deliver more than just knowledge to the students but also their experience.

The thing I enjoyed the most in IUM is the Networking Events, where students can meet managers and even CEOs of well known companies. This is an unvaluable experience.